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Physical therapy is good for improving strength, balance, mobility and overall fitness. There are many benefits of physical therapy for the elderly. Not only is it great for providing a safe environment for conditioning, it also helps strengthen and improve balance.

Medical Nutritional Therapy

Promotes a better diet and healthier lifestyle.

Our dietary department uses a liberalized diet approach to meet the nutritional needs of your loved ones. We take pride in providing great tasting nutritional meals and snacks. Our diets are designed to assist in the recuperation and healing process. We cater to resident requests whenever possible.

A registered dietician is on staff to provide tailored nutritional recommendations and interventions based on current evidence based practices. These recommendations are individualized for each resident based on nutritional needs and coordinated with nursing & medical staff.

Medical Nutritional therapy services:
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Monitor calorie counts
  • Diabetic education
  • Offer daily menu selections
  • Feeding tubes/PEG tube
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