Solaris HealthCare Pensacola Services

The rehabilitation services at Solaris HealthCare Pensacola specialize in orthopedic, stroke, and complex medical care following an extended illness. There are many benefits of physical therapy for the elderly. Not only is it great for providing a safe environment for conditioning, it also helps strengthen and improve balance.

Physical Therapy

Helps patients regain their strength, mobility

For seniors recovering from injury or illness and for those experiencing chronic pain, physical therapy can help relieve pain and restore physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

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Speech Therapy

Overcoming communication conditions.

Focuses attention on overcoming communication conditions such as aphasia, swallowing difficulties and speech disorders. A comprehensive speech therapy evaluation can determine the problem, and how best to treat it.

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Occupational Therapy

Teaches patients ways to regain as much independence as possible.

Teaches patients adaptive ways to regain as much independence as possible with visual perception training, self care skills, upper extremity strengthening and coordination.

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Medical Nutritional Therapy

Promotes a better diet and haelthier lifestyle.

The nutrition care process involves the assessment of nutritional status followed by treatment, ranging from diet modification to specialized nutrition support, such as determining nutrient needs.

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Respiratory Therapy

Assists patients with breathing difficulties.

Assists patients with breathing dificulties to reduce fatigue and increase tolerance in performing daily activities. Piped in Oxygen is also availabe. Respiratory therapists are specialists in airway management.

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Rehab Nursing Staff

Resident Nurses, LPN's and CNA's.

The RN's, LPN's, and CNA's on the STAR Unit are specailly trained and dedicated to meeting the needs of petients with diverse rehab diagnosis.

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